Today we are delighted to announce the launch of our IncentiveCash Program that rewards users for running and maintaining a complete node on the Minima network.

As we test and improve Minima ahead of our Mainnet launch, working collaboratively is key to perfecting the Minima application and protocol. This is why we are excited for people to be part of building the network, testing how devices operate and finding bugs.

In return for collaboratively working together with us, users on the IncentiveCash Program will earn one Minima coin each day with their balance updated weekly. …

By Paddy Cerri at CryptoMondays

Crypto Mondays is about like-minded people, who are passionate about Crypto, gathering to share their views and network with the goal of strengthening their local Crypto communities.

For September our speaker was Paddy Cerri, the chief blockchain architect of Minima.

Paddy is a crypto evangelist whose goal is to build a blockchain network that emphasizes user equality and increases global mass adoption of blockchain technology. He has 8 years of experience in coding and engineering within the crypto industry. A full-stack coder, he conceptualised the Minima protocol over the last 5 years. …

One of the most discussed topics in crypto is energy consumption and sustainability. Commentators ranging from climate researchers to corporate executives have provided perspective on the impact of crypto and a desire to find more environmentally responsible solutions.

When exploring this theme, it is essential to assess the impact of crypto compared to other systems. In their May 2021 research report, Galaxy Digital estimates that today’s banking systems consume twice as much energy as Bitcoin. The impact of the Gold industry is only slightly behind that of banking. …

Innovative mobile-based blockchain protocol secures funding to develop the Blockchain’s most decentralized network

December 15th, 2020, Zug, Switzerland — Minima, which is building the world’s most decentralized blockchain network, today announced a $2.5 million investment round led by Blockchange Ventures. The funding will be used to complete the development of its protocol, and to build out its ecosystem of mobile devices and users.

To date, scalable blockchain projects have required a specialized group of dedicated, powerful, and professionally operated computers to function. This has created significant barriers to entry, as only those with the resources, technical expertise, and access to…

SpartacusRex explains how Decentralised Applications on Minima are just that, decentralised. Giving an unquantifiable amount of power to both builders and end-users of our dApps.

Let’s talk about something REALLY cool. Let’s talk about MiniDAPPs. Let’s talk about Power.

Minima — by its totally decentralised nature — by it’s everyone runs everything paradigm — by it’s I never need to ask anyone for anything approach — allows for a situation not possible anywhere else…

A system that only works on Minima. The MiniDAPP system. ( In fairness — it could have been like this in the beginning when everybody involved…

The why…

What in the name of Satoshi am I doing here — staring at this computer screen hour after hour, day after day, week after week after week..? Tap tap tap…

What are we all doing here? What are we all talking about? What is the point of all this crypto-currency nonsense..?

Whatever you may think, whatever anyone has said and whatever you’ve been told… it’s not about the money, or the price, or the tech, or the interactions, or the people, or the funky cryptography.. or ANY OF IT.

There is only one reason we’re all here. One…

I got it. I got it bad.

I code. I code a lot. This lockdown has only made it worse. Much worse.

Lately, I code so much that I don’t know where I end and Minima begins or where Minima ends and I begin… It’s all just one big mash-up.

First thought in the morning. Last thought at night. Every spare moment in between. When I wake up at night — I just hope it doesn’t kick off… or that’s it. Rest of the night gone. Sleep gone. Staring. Thinking. Drilling. Wide Awake.

Addicted to Love !? LOL… you should…

A crypto-space tale.

There is a comic. Written by the genius Alejandro Jodorowsky (…and equally well illustrated by Juan Giménez). A space fantasy that tells the tale of a family of ultimate warriors. The MetaBarons. They are undefeated and undefeatable. The Title of MetaBaron is passed down from one generation to the next. The hard truth though is that the MetaBaron title can only be won through combat, it cannot be given. It must be taken. The child must defeat the parent to assume the title. The new must defeat the old. When the child reaches ‘age’ they fight and…

Whatever anyone has told you…

The only true and indisputable value proposition of Blockchains is anti-censorship.

It’s not transactions per second, it’s not clever scripting, it’s not convenience or even privacy. We have ALL that already — better faster cheaper with VISA.

Anti-censorship is achieved through decentralisation.

If you are not decentralised — EVERYTHING else you build on top of your chain is useless.

A chain is only as strong as its’ weakest link — just as a system is only as decentralised as its’ most centralised component.

Every single current blockchain is totally centralised.

The financial incentives in Mining…


We need both.

Digital, not Physical. Global, not Local. The New Paradigm vs the Old.

We need information transfer to allow for value transfer. Otherwise, we mechanically can’t do anything.

We need value transfer to pay for the information transfer. Otherwise, who would relay the information. No incentive.

Information can be copied. Information once given can never be returned. It can be passed on from anyone who has it to anyone they want. Everyone keeps a copy.

Value cannot be copied. Value can be given and returned. It cannot be passed on to someone without being taken…


The completely decentralized network for value and information transfer, enabling people to exchange anything with anyone.

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